Masterpiece Radio Promo Tour

Hey all!! So i’ve had a busy few weeks promoting my single ‘Masterpiece’. I went on a radio tour to different stations to promote the record, which i have to say.. I’ve had THE best time. Meeting everyone and building these relationships, the support from all the DJ’s has seriously been insane to me i feel extremely blessed to have these opportunities. Having radio support is extremely important as they are the bridges to the audience, the “tastemakers” as i call them. I will have a compilation video up on my Youtube for you to all see me as i embark on this tour.

First up i travelled up to Birmingham to visit Smooth Fuego’s – New Style Radio 98.6 FM. I was there with my bestfriends Sherika and Mac. Smooth Fuego is such a beautiful soul! He has supported me SO much i feel blessed what an amazing man. We stayed all the way through the show and i had to make my way back down to London again, so i was working all day. That same night at midnight i had an interview with The Lunch Table Talks w/ Nico Blitz (which you can listen to by clicking the link) all the way from California in America, it was a Skype call interview scheduled and that lasted about an hour or so. I worked pretty much had been working from 12pm-1am, being an artist is seriously hard but worth it.

Next up i went to go and visit Mr Voltaire and Danial Romain for his show ‘The Weekend Vibe’ at Westside Radio 89.6, down in West London. This is probably the most ‘Banterish’ show i have been on the laughter was real, it felt like hanging out with my two brothers, i forgot i was on air most of the time.

During the week i was fortunate enough to have my song played on DJ Ace R&B Hour on BBC Radio 1xtra, i previously blogged about this. An experience i had been waiting to have what felt like a lifetime and it finally came. Hopefully ill be on air on their one day!

Next up i visited Deja Vu FM to be on air with Positive Lady Dre. This show was different to others, we discussed things like positive energy, being an influence, crystals, and all things positive. The vibe of it was amazing and Dreah is so incredibly sweet! I also got to meet her children they happened to be there too which was lovely.

Next i went on Pulse Radio with Manny Bells and Bailey English, my french crew! who i will introduce to in another post, where in town to do my next promotional shoot for the next track i have coming out. They came with me to the Pulse Radio studio to film and take some pictures for me for social media. Again, Manny and Bailey gave me nothing but banter all the way through.. there #saturdaynightshutdown show on the weekends are so HILARIOUS! make sure you tune into them.

One of my next favourite interviews was on Climax Radio with the Female Takeover Ladies, honestly they are a pack of fun, these girls were so hilarious but so open to conversation. We talked about so much and covered different topics it was well worth the time. I also did a special live on air performance for them and i covered ‘Tiffany Evans – Red Wine’ there words of encouragement was everything. Thank you so much for having me.

My last show for the radio tour was back on Deja Vu FM but this time with a young up and coming artist called Dere Marie, she has her own show on their as well as being an artist herself, literally a go getter and hustler she is. We spoke about music industry challenges and real topics coming from an artists perspective. Shes SO DOPE!

You can listen to a playback of all these interviews here

You can also watch my radio tour diary on youtube

Photography credits:

Luz – @the_lvz @diddy_luz

Horace – @v.negga @horace_wayne

Dorian – @the_dko


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