Cilla Raie – Masterpiece (Official Video) Premier

Last night, my very first music video came out on VEVO and was exclusively premiered by MOBO Awards. Im super excited and amped to finally be able to share something visual with everyone.

Find the link here: 

Masterpiece is a track that is on my last debut EP ‘Cilla Raie’ which was released in November 2014. You may be wondering why the long wait and why not just release fresh material?


Good news is i have fresh material and a lot of it too.

My last EP meant so much to be because i was able to put out music that i believed in and i loved. The EP was a turning point in my career where i was finally able to just live and be free with my music, whatever i was feeling for that was the sound and direction.

Since releasing the EP, Masterpiece was a favourite amongst everyone. The song racked up over 20,000 plays on its own and was ranked most listened/brought (on the EP) across the digital stores it was released on. I also got a lot of radio love and support from DJ Bliss on Pulse88 who named me artist of the month (based off the song) for the ladies edition show for February. He was the first to really support and push the record. I also got love from DJ Smooth Fuego (New Style Radio) who loved the song and played it on his show on New Style Radio. In general people would always tell me it was their favourite off the project.

So therefor i couldn’t leave the last EP with nothing to show for it, so i personally requested to my manager that we shoot the video and get it out as a buzz single to follow up with the new music. I’m excited to share it with everyone, and this song is just an introduction to whats about to come. To have been at the MOBO’s last year and the wonderful experience i had being there (see post here) to now being to have my own music premiered by them is such a blessing!


Thank you to Musical D for filming/directing the video, Kat and Jade for the helping with the set direction, Myself for writing it (HA), Ryan De La Cruz for the additional background vocals, Bunchezz on the mix, Metropolis on the master. Teriy for the additional executive direction and distribution. Lastly MOBO Awards team Shannon and Nicki for the exclusive premiere on the official MOBO Awards site.

If you haven’t already seen the video, watch down below (comment, like, share, suscribe)


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