School Touring Part 2 W/ UK Music

Friday 24th March, the day my video for ‘Masterpiece’ got released was the same day i got to hit the road again with UK Music. This time we went to visit ‘Hitchin Priory School’ about an hour away from London. Ill tell you this, i had to get up at 6am to make sure i got to Kings Cross St Pancras by 7:45am. I’ve learnt to adapt to early morning life, but i just believe all musicians are not built for early mornings.. even when i studied music business classes were always after 2:00pm.

Pictured Above: Teriy Keys (Manager)

Anyways, this is the first school for 2017 and i was super excited to meet some more young people and inspire them. We usually follow the same format, introduction and performance, then take a ‘songwriting” workshop with the kids. We were fortunate enough to be joined by the lovely Laura Lamn (artist) and Oli Morris (UK Music Director Of Education) as well as my manager.

Pictured Above: Oli Morris (UK Music Director Of Education)

The best part of it all was seeing the kids work in groups and write to a beat we had on loop. Once they had finished it they all got up to perform, they were all so brave and encouraging. They were so enthusiactic about it and i loved every minute being able to guide them. Hearing them ask questions and be so inspired honestly there is no other better feeling in the world.

Pictured Above: Laura Lanm (Artist)

Whenever i do these tours I’m reminded why i do music, theres so much more to it. When i get tweets like this, i remember my purpose. Your presence is a blessing when you don’t even realise it sometimes.

2:49am aspire to inspire…  


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